Master Usage Guide

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1. General Information

The information in this section applies to all products and should be read and understood by all parties.

2. Material Considerations

Our wood products have undergone meticulous development, utilizing premium Finishes, proprietary surfacing techniques and drawing upon our extensive expertise in the architectural wood and design specification market. It is imperative that these distinctive materials are understood and that expectations are established prior to placing an order. We emphasize the utmost importance of every architect, designer, installer, and end-user carefully reviewing and understanding this document, along with the relevant installation guidelines to ensure that expectations are aligned with our products. Please sign and return this document. By ensuring a thorough understanding of our products and their proper installation procedures, we can guarantee that our clients receive the highest level of satisfaction and optimal performance from our wood materials.

Dimensional Variations

Wood is a natural material that may have slight dimensional variations, despite our controlled milling and Finishing process. While our products are machined to standard dimensions, the Finishing process can impact the thickness and width of the material. The product photos and samples provided are a general guide to product dimensions, but there may be slight variations between individual boards within a project.

Appearance Variations

Similarly, the color and pattern of the wood can vary due to the nature and grain pattern of the material and our unique Finishing process. Each plank reacts diferently, resulting in natural variations in appearance. The provided photos and samples are meant to give a general idea, but there will be variations in color, grain pattern, and character between individual boards.

Wood Movement

Wood is hygroscopic and reacts to changes in temperature and humidity, which can cause it to expand or contract. This natural movement may result in cupping, bowing, twisting, and checking of the wood planks. It’s important to note that we cannot guarantee against these natural movements.
NOTE: Color, grain pattern, and character will vary between individual boards on a project and will never be an exact match to samples/photos. We cannot guarantee against cupping, bowing, twisting, checking, etc.
To account for potential variations and wood movement, we recommend considering a waste factor of 15%. This allows for greater Flexibility during the evaluation process on-site to ensure the best outcome.

3. Receiving Wood

Please refer to one our installation and handling guide at

4. Installation Guidelines

Please refer to one our installation and handling guide at

5. Technical Specifications

Technical specifcations include grade information, standard dimensions, and other relevant technical information by species. Please, review the technical specifcations for your selected materials.

6. Exterior Weathering + Maintenance Guidelines

Based on our experience, thoughtfully incorporating exterior wood products can significantly reduce maintenance requirements. Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain the fresh and vibrant appearance of all Crisp pre-Finished wood products. Wood naturally tends to grey or silver over time. However, regular maintenance and cleaning can help reduce color fading and silvering, keeping your Finish looking new.
For exterior decking, re-coating is typically required every 1-3 years, while for exterior siding, re-coating is recommended every 3-6 years. Please note that these are rough guidelines and can fluctuate based on many factors. The lighter or more transparent the color, the sooner you may need to re-coat to maintain its fresh appearance. Conversely, more opaque colors may require less frequent re-coating. The more solid the Finish, the more pigment is added; with more pigment, there is more U.V. protection. The more transparent the Finish, the less the pigment is added; with less pigment, there is less U.V. protection.
The duration between re-coats also depends on the level of exposure to the sun and elements. Less exposure results in longer intervals between re-coating, while high exposure may cause more fading and necessitate a quicker re-coat. Regular cleaning to remove mold, dirt, and contamination is essential to ensure optimal performance of the coating. A yearly wood wash is a simple and effective method to keep your wood looking great, maintain fresh and crisp colors, and maximize the efficacy of the wood finish.
Please be aware that natural weathering is to be expected over time. Crisp offers a comprehensive range of complementary products designed to enhance the sealing, Finishing, and cleaning processes for your wood. By incorporating our recommended products into your wood maintenance routine, you can rest assured that you are using the best tools available to preserve and enhance the beauty of your wood.
Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Western Hemlock, Pine and Douglas Fir products are sold without warranty, either expressed or implied.

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